Why you must have Stick on Bra in your wardrobe

When it comes to talk about most popular types of bra, you have to consider Stick On Bra on the top of the list. Its is very popular around the globe but it is most popular in North America and gets highest sale in this region. Without further delay let’s talk about the factors that makes it this much popular.

Sticks on bras have no back straps or shoulder straps. It is designed to support and cover the breasts. Some other popular names of Sticks on bra are strapless backless bra, sticky bra, or adhesive bra. The Stick On Bras are designed with a gentle adhesive substance along the cups and wings, and glue seamlessly on to your curves. Don’t worry the adhesive is skin friendly and doesn’t cause any skin issues. You’ll want this style when you want the coverage of a standard type of bra and some cleavage. Sticky bra is a must wearing article with backless, strapless outfits or with exposed shouldersdresses. You must be eager now to know its benefits so here they are-

Stick On Bra are much softer and more flexible than any other bra
stick on bras don’t have straps and you can flaunt any dress effortlessly
Strap’s bra may poke your skin and may leave marks of straps on your skin. So No straps, no probs.
Strap’s bra transfers the weight of your breasts and back onto your shoulder. This can affect posture of your body and may cause shoulder or back pain. Stick on bras can relieve you from that pain.
Sticky bra provides better lift to your bust. It brings your bust together, makes your bust look bigger and gives enhanced cleavage that you have always desired.

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