Advantage and disadvantages in Brief

When we talk about brief the very first word comes in our mind is “comfort”. However, everyone doesn’t have same opinion. It becomes very conflicting when we talk about briefs. Briefs  are very popular but same time there are some reasons to dislike it. Yeah, the very first thing which is coming in your mind is your granny, I know it. But its very soon if you make your opinion about it, just wait. Just go through the article and know some more realistic facts about briefs.  So, we are gonna discuss here the pros and cons of wearing briefs for women.


  • Is comfort your top priority? Undoubtedly, it’s not wrong to say brief is the most comfortable type of panty. 
  • It provides lots of front and back coverage.
  • Its best for you if you like full cheek coverage.
  • It offers higher waistband that sits on your natural waist to enhance the comfort. 
  • It is also called every day panty because its suits most when it comes to do house chores and other routine works in most comfortable manner. 
  • It is definitely a good choice to wear with high rise pants and skirts if comfort is your utmost priority. 


  • It may look like old fashioned one.
  • It is not suitable for low rise pants and other low-rise dresses.
  • If you want to go with sexier style then it’s not right choice for those moments.  
  • It’s not right choice when you going out for sea side party and similar places. Of course, it won’t offer you that much attractive and sexy style that are willing to carry.

So, after going through this discussion you must have got everything you were willing to learn about brief. Allstylemeets offers a wide range of most comfortable types of briefs. Allstylemeets offers briefs with lace to make you look sexier with briefs along with great comfort. We offer various types of briefs with many kinds of skin friendly fabric options to make you feel comfort and to make your life easier.   

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